Annuals & Hanging Baskets


Now the annual selection is no longer the same old tired assortment that we planted years ago. Now there are new and exciting varieties that provide a more trouble-free and vigorous growth which results in season-long color that can last well into autumn. At Farmside we take pride in our extensive selection and display of annuals; this will make your trip the only one you need to make in completing your own distinctive garden.

What makes planting annual combinations satisfying is the ability to coordinate colors. This is what gives an advantage to shopping at Farmside because of the varied plant selection.

For many who like to coordinate all the annuals around their home – bedding, porch, deck or patio pots and hanging baskets – with a common color scheme, Farmside’s selection of plants can help you accomplish your desired outcome with ease. However, if you want to leave that work to us, there is a full selection of hanging baskets and various size pots ready to place to make an immediate impact.  

Hanging Baskets

We take a special pride in the ‘hanging garden baskets’ which are assembled by the plant experts at Farmside. These large baskets include a unique combination of plants that complement each other and grow into a stunning season-long display.

Varieties of Hanging Baskets Include:

  • Petunias

  • Geraniums

  • Verbena

  • Impatient

  • Begonias

  • Fuchsias

  • Mixed Baskets

  • and more!