Farmside’s perennial selection is the largest in the region. For the hard-to-find or just something different there is a good chance you will find it at Farmside. If you are looking for that special plant or are planting a new plant border; the hundreds of varieties and thousands of plants make a trip to Farmside worth it. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting plants. In fact, many new plant varieties that are offered are a result of a customer’s request. So, we welcome your input.

When considering perennials, it is more than just the flowers we want to bear in mind. Characteristics like flower color and texture of the foliage; growth habits that include low and spreading, to plants that can grow more than six feet tall are all essential factors to consider when planning to incorporate perennials in your garden.

The plant experts at Farmside are always willing to help you design and choose the best varieties.


Ornamental Grasses

If you are looking for a durable trouble-free plant that in most cases is deer resistant, ornamental grasses will fit the bill. Ornamental grasses come in many forms from low tufts to vertical clumps that can reach eight feet tall and can be used most anywhere in the landscape.

At Farmside we stock over 20 varieties of grasses in different sizes to make an instant impact in your garden.



We are more conscious of the food we eat, so flavoring it in a healthful way is vital. Herbs fit the purpose well. The herb selection at Farmside allows the gourmet in you to easily meet the demands for great tasting food while enhancing your garden.

Herbs are reasonably easy to grow and many times can provide a useful addition to a landscape.

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