Native Plants, Flowering Shrubs & Evergreen Shrubs

Native plants

Farmside has promoted native or indigenous plants well before it was popular.  Now the market for native plants is growing and becoming more widespread for good reasons. Indigenous plants have the ability to tolerate varied and even extreme growing conditions that many conventional and common plants cannot. 

For example, Lindera (Spicebush) can tolerate a seasonally wet and woodland setting; Amelicanchier (Serviceberry) can grow in the rocky terrain along a stream or a woodland edge; Itea (Sweet Shrub) can tolerate wet-feet while growing low and dense enough to be placed in a foundation planting.

Many varieties of native plants provide food and cover for desirable wildlife. 

Flowering shrubs

In the world of horticulture there is an excitement around flowering shrubs that have unique and new desirable features which should capture the attention of gardeners. Hydrangea varieties that bloom continuously like the Endless Summer series; the pest resistant roses that include the Drift, Knockout and Flower Carpet series; shorter growing Butterfly Bushes that will not overwhelm the landscape and still bloom profusely and attract butterflies; the repeat blooming lilacs like Bloomerang. There are many more new introductions of flowering shrubs alongside the tried-and-true varieties that still deserve a place in our gardens, all are on display at Farmside.

Other, perhaps equally important characteristics beyond the flowering qualities of these shrubs, is the foliage texture, fall color and potential for berry production. 

Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Drift Roses
Flower Carpet Roses

Evergreen shrubs

There is a place in every landscape for evergreen shrubs. They can be used to frame a flowering border, screen unsightly objects or serve as a foundation plants. 

The common and popular broadleaf evergreens like hollies, rhododendrons and azaleas, while important, can be complemented by Pieris (Andromeda) and boxwood, which are increasing in use because of their deer resistant qualities.

Evergreens like junipers, falsecypress, cedars and dwarf spruces are always on display at Farmside in their many forms. Our plant experts are always ready to advise you on how to incorporate these plants in your landscape.   

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