Shade, Flowering, and Ornamental

Trees & Conifers

Strategically planting trees can add value to the landscape by providing shade during the hot summer or complementing a building by framing, accenting and ultimately adding to its beauty. Trees are often planted to provide a visual element that is aesthetically pleasing in the landscape.


Shade Tree

The shade tree selection at Farmside is extensive including many varieties and sizes that make a trip worthwhile. You will find the well-known common trees as well as the unusual specimens.

The Oak tree selection includes Red Oak, White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Pin Oak and Scarlet Oak. Green Mountain, Commemoration and Legacy are examples of the varieties of Sugar Maples available at Farmside. Horse Chestnut, Japanese Tree Lilac and Beech are unfamiliar trees to many, but definitely deserve consideration when planning a landscape.


Flowering Trees

These are very popular and an important part of any landscape. Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey and the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. would not be the same without the spectacular blooms in spring and brilliant foliage in fall of cherry trees. There is room for a flowering tree in most any landscape.

Famside’s selection of flowering trees ranges from the native Shadblow (Amelanchier canadensis), Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) and Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) to the more common trees such as Dogwood and flowering Cherry varieties. Farmside offers these and many other varieties of flowering trees in different sizes including ones large enough to make an immediate impact.


Ornamental & Fruit Trees

The ornamental trees offered at Farmside include the popular Japanese Maples, both the upright form as well as the lace-leaf types with both red and green leaves. Growth habits on other ornamental trees include weeping forms, narrow columnar and short global growth habits.

The good trend of families growing their own food has made fruit trees a popular addition to the home landscape. Gardeners are looking for the common varieties of apples, peaches and pears but also the heritage varieties that some remember from a previous generation’s use. At Farmside you will find these varieties and some of the uncommon fruits that meet the requirements of our expanding palate.



Farmside’s display of evergreen trees includes: Blue, Norway, Serbian and White Spruce; Douglas and Concolor Fir, and White Pine. These varieties are available in small easy-to-plant sizes through 10’ and even 12’ tall specimens that can serve as a focal point in the landscape. The most popular use of evergreens is blocking unwanted views by planting in a cluster or staggered row.  Another advantage to planting conifers is they can provide a valuable wind-break that can help conserve energy.